On September 8, 2022 the Admission into the Company of Srs. Letecia, Flora & Selinah was
a simple celebration filled with joyful experience.

Sr. Liz Smith, Kenya Mission Coordinator, after giving them special welcome into the
Company of the Daughters of Charity said to them that:

“as you begin your seminary journey
let yourselves be shaped and moulded by the potter; our loving God, as C.51 states, that
formation is the work of the sister herself prompted by her DESIRE for increasing fidelity to
her vocation. You have a desire now. Don’t lose it. Ask God to grant you what you desire in
your daily prayer and to sieve out any other motivations that might be there”.

Fr. Edwin Vice Provincial C.M Celebrated the Eucharist, following the Mass we had supper
in Chanzo community. The celebration was special for Sr. Leticia, Sr.Flora and Sr.Selinah, it
came on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A day that they will remember
throughout their life.

The three Sisters expressed their hopes that their time in the Seminary will be fruitful time as
they grow in the spirit of St. Vincent and St. Louise.

Daughters of Charity Kenya Daughters of Charity Kenya Daughters of Charity Kenya