AIC – The Ladies of Charity – St. Peter’s Phibsborough


This ministry group has been relaunched with a new emphasis on reaching out to people who experience loneliness or who may be new to the parish. The first event included an invitation to daily Mass goers to a cup of tea after Mass. The members will reflect on how to progress their ministry based on responses received to activities organised.

Today AIC is a 150,000 strong body of women volunteering to combat poverty in 53 countries across five continents, and their mission is to represent the compassion of Jesus to people in need. Founded in Ireland in 1843, they were first known as Ladies of Charity.

Today there are three branches in Dublin, Ireland – one in Phibsborough, the other one in Ballyfermot, and one in Belfast. Our hope is that new groups of women will come together throughout the country to further the works of AIC in Ireland.