JUNE Month of the Sacred Heart

“For Vincent, the heart of Jesus was the source of missionary zeal. For Louise, it was the font of a burning charity that was both affective and effective. Hence, “Mission et Charité” have had a central role in the lives of their followers, with different accents, in the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity.” “The emblems of the Congregation of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity both appear to derive from (Louise’s painting above) “The Lord of Charity”. (Fr. Bob Maloney CM  Sacred Heart-Spirituality of Vincent and Louise)

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Christ put on the cloak of humanity for his 33 years on earth, being present to us physically, and constantly reminding us that He had come to serve and not to be served. In the Eucharist, He remains physically present, and humbles Himself even further by serving as our food and drink. And all he asks in return is our hearts.   Reflect In partaking of the Eucharist, do I sincerely and fully offer my heart in return?   Source: https://members.ssvpusa.org/formation/formation-resources/vincentian-reflections/

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An ‘A – Z’ guide for Laudato Si’

May 19-26th 2024 Quotations chosen by Ephata Laudato Si’ a faith based environmental group in Down and Connor Diocese   A St Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life…  (1) b …. other living Beings have a value of their own in God’s eyes: ‘by their mere existence they Bless him and give him glory.’ (69) C Society as a whole and the state in particular are obliged to defend and promote the Common Good. (157) d It is our humble conviction that the Divine and the human meet ...[Click title to read more]

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8th April, Feast of Annunciation

The Vows of the Daughters of Charity The Daughters of Charity renew their vows each year on this date. (To Sister Charlotte and Francoise, SW, L 306B p.357) This is more pleasing to God than would otherwise be the case because at the end of the year you will be free and can offer your will to Him anew   https://youtu.be/gp7zUSmPqPQ

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🌟 Volunteers Needed for Vincentian Family Charity App Testing! 🌟

Vincentian Family, an Irish charity dedicated in helping those in need, is seeking volunteers to assist with testing our newly developed app. Requirements   Must own an Android phone connected to a Google Account. Have a Gmail address connected to the same Google account above to access Google Play. Willingness to download and test the app for a duration of 14 days.   How You Can Help If you're interested in helping, simply comment below with your Gmail address, and we'll send you detailed information to join the tester group. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email at ...[Click title to read more]

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