Celebration of the Foundation of the Daughters of Charity

Sr. Carmel Ryan DC


Daughters of Charity Crest

On 29 November 1633 St Louise de Marillac and 4 young women came to live together in the home of Louise. These young women had been ministering to the most abandoned in the city of Paris for some years. Louise considered it prudent and necesssary to bring the women together to live in community to strengthen and encourage them. As plague continued to rage through Paris and indeed France she wanted them to encourage and protect each other as they continued their ministry.

These women did not become a religious order but a group of women dedicated to serve the most abandoned as they lived and prayed together in community. This community living and praying together was to strengthen and support them. This small group has increased to become a world wide group of dedicated and courageous women working in all types of situations for the relief of injustice and oppression.


Find out more about the Daughters of Charity here: https://www.vincentianfamily.ie/daughters-of-charity/