St. Brigid’s Cross


Today marks the Feast of St Brigid. Patron Saint of Ireland. Patronal Saint of the Holy Faith Sisters, members of the Vincentian Family.

The St. Brigid’s Cross resounds with the timeless folk traditions of Ireland. Throughout Ireland, the cross is associated with the arrival of springtime and with Ireland’s goddess, venerable Saint Brigid of Kildare. The cross is woven by hand of rushes harvested from the river Shannon. Traditionally the cross is found in many houses and shops throughout Ireland, mostly placed over entrance doors. Today they have found new places within contemporary interiors, increasing the beauty of a room or traditionally acting as a timeless object of good fortune. The making of St. Brigid’s Cross is an ancient Irish custom. The Cross is hand made from Irish rushes (Juncus Effusus) and was traditionally hung above entrances to dwellings to invoke good fortune and health.

Here are some pictures from Vincentian Family school, Caritas College Ballyfermot, marking the day.