Vincentian Lay Missionaries Update


Sr Rufine with members of the women’s empowerment group




VLM currently have a volunteer on a placement in Tanzania. Jane, from County Roscommon, is volunteering with the Daughters of Charity in Masanga, Tanzania. She is working with two of their projects – the Women’s Empowerment Project and the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Programme. The women’s project is focused on income generation and raising the confidence and self-esteem of local women.



Jane pictured with teams from the soccer league

The FGM is a unique program that aims to develop awareness of the harmful consequences of FGM among community leaders and offers refuge and an alternative right-of-passage camp to young girls who do not wish to participate in the cutting ceremony. Up to 600 girls will participate in the camp over the next two months. Only one village leader supported the idea the first year and now more than 30 are moving toward elimination of this dangerous and life-impacting practice; an awareness campaign is spreading through 180 villages. Jane is helping spread this message through outreach work to local villages with the FGM team. They have organised a soccer league and music across the area as a means of raising awareness among young adults; the community leaders of the future.


If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering with VLM please contact Madeleine at We currently have opportunities for volunteering in Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.