St. Vincent’s Castleknock raise €18,000 for Ukraine


Last week, St. Vincent’s Castleknock College (under the trusteeship of the Vincentian Fathers) made a whole school effort to respond to the crisis that is affecting so many people in Ukraine.

Castleknock Students wearing Ukrainian colours



A collection and awareness day, organised by the prefects in the College, has so far raised over €18,000. The collection was kindly supported by students, parents, past men and friends of the College. Students wore yellow or blue tops to show their support for Ukraine.




Daughters of Charity on the ground in Ukraine


Fr. Stephen Monaghan CM (College Chaplain) has been in contact with the Vincentian Family in both Slovakia and Poland, who are directly involved in responding to the crisis. The Vincentian Family in Slovakia requested funds to pay for pallets of vacuum packed food and other essential items to be driven to Odessa for distribution to people who cannot escape the city. From the funds raised yesterday, €5000 has been sent already. DePaul Ukraine are arranging the transport and the items will be distributed by the Vincentian family (Vincentian Priests, Daughters of Charity and SVP) all of whom, despite great personal danger, have decided to stay in the city to support the people.





Another €5000 has already been sent to the Vincentian family via the Vincentian Lay Missionaries (VLM) in Poland to support people who have managed to flee the war and are arriving into the country in huge numbers. This group of people are in need of essential supplies and respite after the ordeal of their journey. The Vincentian Family were very low on funds and were more than grateful to know that a Vincentian College in Dublin was willing to support their efforts.


The Vincentian Mission in Ukraine was established back in 2003 by Fr. Paul Roache CM, a past pupil of St. Vincent’s Castleknock College. While he is devastated by what is happening to the country, he is proud that the Vincentian Spirit of Service to the poor introduced to the country is a little light of hope shining in the darkness of war.


While we might feel helpless about being able to do anything to resolve the conflict, we can always show solidarity with those who are suffering its consequences and let them know they are not alone and not forgotten. We can always play our small part to show compassion in the world. What has happened this week is a real example of Vincentian Spirit and Vincentian Family in action. Well Done St. Vincent’s Castleknock College.


Please consider supporting their appeal at

Distribution of Food in Odessa

Students in Castleknock with the first cheque of their collection