On Thursday 18th May 2023, the staff and pupils of Caritas College gathered for a celebration of the Eucharist to mark the closing of their school.

Monsignor Dan O’ Connor, was the chief celebrant and was joined by Fr. Piaras Mc Lochlainn PP, Fr. Simon Mundisiye and past priests of Ballyfermot  Fr. Joe Mc Donald and Fr. Joseph Ryan.

During his homily Monsignor Dan O’ Connor acknowledged the enthusiasm with which the Daughters of Charity seized the opportunity to open a second level school in Ballyfermot at a time when free second level education was being introduced in 1967. They and their colleagues in Caritas College embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and commitment.

As part of the Eucharistic Celebration symbols were brought to the altar recalling the story of Caritas College, its founding charism and its mission to educate young women in the Ballyfermot area of Dublin.


Symbols Commentary

Kerena and Sr. Phyllis carried pictures of St. Vincent and St. Louise, the Founders of the Daughters of Charity. The love that inspired St. Vincent and St. Louise ignites the flame that burns so zealously in the hearts of the Sisters who in seeking to empower and educate young women, founded the school in 1967.

Grace carried the Caritas Crest, designed by our very own Sr. Sheila Lalor DC and worn by the students with pride over the years. The crest reminds us that it is the love of Christ in our hearts that urges us to treat our neighbour with love.

Pat carried the Ceist Candle. Ceist, have been the Trustees of Caritas College since 2008. Their mission is to provide holistic education in the Catholic tradition and it’s vision a compassionate and just society inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Tina carried Roll books from the earliest times in Caritas College symbolising the many young women who have been educated in the school and who went on to make the world a better place.

Erin carried an Award symbolising excellence in academic achievement. Quality teaching and learning has always been the primary goal at Caritas College.

Angel and Nevaeh carried a Painting and an Emmanuel music score. These represent the creativity, gifts and talents of the students which have been nurtured and developed in the school.

Lucy carried a basketball symbolising the students’ participation and achievements in the sporting field, reflecting the school motto-becoming our best by doing our best together.

Ms. Green carried a small tree as a symbol of hope for the future of St. Seton’s. In time St. Seton’s will flourish and grow. May the students and the future students of St. Seton’s sit in the shade cast by the trees that are being planted now, at this formative new beginning for the school.

And so, this ending also marks a new beginning as Caritas College prepare to amalgamate with two other schools in Ballyfermot; St. Dominic’s College and St. John’s College. The new school will be known as St. Seton’s and will officially open in September 2023.

Every blessing for a bright new future for all the pupils and staff of St. Seton’s School!