Review Page

This website is under construction

This page is for Vincentian Branch Members to review the following 3 Pages:
This is a sample layout that will be done for each Family Branch to review. We will be using the content as published in the ‘9 Faces Booklet’ to fill your page.
The Core Elements on each individual branch page will be:
1) The Branch Name & Logo
2) The Branch Video
3a) Timeline: On Left Hand Side a vertical timeline (we will pull out this content from ‘9 Faces ‘- in a similar way to what we did for Daughters of Charity.
3b) History: On Right Hand Side we will publish the BRANCH History text content as published in ‘9 Faces’.
4) Contact Buttons: We will build in direct links to your branch email address and direct link to your Facebook Page if you have one.
5) Contact Text: At the very bottom of each Branch Page in plain text we will include all the known contact points
Any Additional content that may or may not be received from each individual Branch – will be placed between the video and the main History – or between the main history and the green contact bar at the bottom.


Home Page
The ‘Pulsing Green DOT’ on each of the 9 leafs on the TREE GRAPHIC on home page will be repeated on all Branch leafs – Clicking these ‘Pulsing Dots’ also brings folk to that particular Branch Page.
Contacts Page
In addition to all contact points appearing at the very bottom of each of the Branches Page, we will combine all known / advised contact points on one Page which will be called All Contact Points or similar
Needless to say, the Navigation Menu Structure – in the Menu Area will grow and develop as the website is populated.


If a volunteer FACEBOOK ADMIN – person surfaced and agreed to act as FACEBOOK admin for a term that would be super helpful. We would configure the V FAMILY facebook page and prepare all default graphics and support the Admin volunteer with graphics as may be helpful.
If this became a reality we would bring a Facebook feed into the bottom or side of the home page of website.