Admission into the Company of Srs. Letecia, Flora & Selinah

On September 8, 2022 the Admission into the Company of Srs. Letecia, Flora & Selinah was a simple celebration filled with joyful experience. Sr. Liz Smith, Kenya Mission Coordinator, after giving them special welcome into the Company of the Daughters of Charity said to them that: “as you begin your seminary journey let yourselves be shaped and moulded by the potter; our loving God, as C.51 states, that formation is the work of the sister herself prompted by her DESIRE for increasing fidelity to her vocation. You have a desire now. Don’t lose it. Ask God to grant you what ...[Click title to read more]

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The Mission in Kenya

The Miracle Baby Sr. Anita Hubrich DC   Sr. Anita is a Daughter of Charity from Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin. She has been a Daughter of Charity for 42 years and missioned in Kenya for over 15 years. The following is her account:   Melvine is three months old. Her mother died from severe pre-eclampsia and Melvine was delivered by an emergency cesarean section in a hospital 3 hours from our mission in Chepnyal, a rural, lush, mountainous area in Western Kenya. Her grandmother is caring for her but could not afford to buy Nan Milk. Since her birth the ...[Click title to read more]

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Disability Support Service

From the Daughters of Charity to Avista Sr. Marian Harte DC   St. Vincent's, Navan Road, Dublin The Daughters of Charity have provided services to persons with an Intellectual Disability in Ireland since 1925. This has been a journey of hope where it adapted to the changing needs and circumstances of people with an intellectual Disability. It has now culminated in a service of Excellence based in Dublin, Limerick and Tipperary, providing the best life for each individual with an Intellectual Disability. First operating from St. Vincent’s Centre, Navan Road, from which it provided a nationwide service, the ...[Click title to read more]

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Kenya Mission – Daughters of Charity

Kenya Mission Anniversary Sr. Liz Smith DC   On February 6th 2020 the Daughters of Charity celebrated twenty years of service in Kenya. The first sisters arrived in Kenya from the Irish and British Provinces at the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2002. The first two houses were opened in January 2002 in Thigio, approximately 25 miles from Nairobi and in Chepnyal, far up to the north- west, near the Ugandan border. Now, in 2022, the Kenya Mission has six houses, soon to be seven, with 25 Kenyan sisters and 8 ex-patriate sisters. The service to people living ...[Click title to read more]

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Daughters of Charity Mission in Kenya

From Ireland to Kenya - Twenty Year Anniversary Sr. Goretti Butler DC (Provincial Daughters of Charity Ireland) I had the joy of visiting our Mission in Kenya and joined with the Sisters in celebration of twenty years of the growth and development of the mission. Sr. Liz, co-ordinator of the Mission there, Sr. Catherine Mulligan and the Sisters were very keen to celebrate this milestone. They put a lot of planning into the celebration. Sr. Catherine has written the story of the mission from its beginning discussions in 2000 or earlier at the request of the General Council. This story ...[Click title to read more]

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The Mission in Kenya

Daughters of Charity Services Thigio, Kenya Sr. Deborah Mallott DC   Sr. Deborah Mallott is an American Daughter of Charity. She has spent 16 of her 33 years as a Daughter of Charity in Kenya. A trained social worker, Sr. Deborah currently works as an Administrator and Sister Servant in Thigio, Kenya. We are very proud of the contribution of the many Irish DCs who have served alongside Sr. Deborah in Kenya. Find her account below:   The Campus at Holy Cross Parish where the bulk of the services provided by Daughter of Charity Services Thigio take place, is buzzing ...[Click title to read more]

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The Mission in Kenya

Developments in Kiio Sr. Catherine Mulligan DC The 4th January 2022, was an eagerly awaited day for the staff and sisters in Kiio, Kitui County, Kenya. On this day, special to the Daughters of Charity as the Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, a small centre opened in Kiio for children with special needs. We welcomed 18 children, between the ages of 4 and 12 years, accompanied by their mothers, for the first day at St. Louise’s Centre. The children were so excited and descended on the toys and playthings arranged around the room, intent, it seemed, on finding whatever ...[Click title to read more]

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