The Miracle Baby

Sr. Anita Hubrich DC


Sr. Anita is a Daughter of Charity from Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin. She has been a Daughter of Charity for 42 years and missioned in Kenya for over 15 years. The following is her account:


Melvine is three months old. Her mother died from severe pre-eclampsia and Melvine was delivered by an emergency cesarean section in a hospital 3 hours from our mission in Chepnyal, a rural, lush, mountainous area in Western Kenya. Her grandmother is caring for her but could not afford to buy Nan Milk. Since her birth the Daughters of Charity have been able to support Melvine because of your welcome donations. Her grandmother was crying when we discovered her at home with her beautiful granddaughter wondering how she would get money for Nan that costs 11 Euro approx. per tin and only lasts one week. She is so grateful for the generous donors who have supported her with Nan Milk until Melvine is a year old. By then she will be taking a normal diet needing less milk. The photos show Melvine growing well & in excellent health. Her grandmother is now smiling showing how relieved she is not struggling for Nan Milk.