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THE LIFE OF VMY – Vincentian Marian Youth

The VMY movement helps the members strengthen their baptismal consecration and develop a close relationship with Jesus, and with Mary, His Mother.

They go “To Jesus through Mary”. Some of the virtues put before the members are:

  • Transparency (simplicity);
  • Collaboration (humility);
  • Seeking the will of God (awareness);
  • Sensitivity to the poor (charity);

Identity of VMY

Ecclesial Character:

VMY considers itself as a force in the Church, evangelizing young people through each of its members, who belong to the Church by reason of their baptism.

Marian Character:

The Association has for Model, Mary, Mother of the Church, who leads the members to CHRIST. This is why the members of VMY strive to contemplate MARY, and turn to her for inspiration.

Missionary Character:

Every Christian is a missionary. Every member of the Vincentian Marian Youth Movement takes this missionary role seriously, because Mary, our Mother, passed on to us the command of her Son, Jesus: “Go and preach the Good News.”

Vincentian Character:

VMY members fulfil the apostolate of Evangelization and Service in a “Vincentian manner,” by imitating Saint Vincent de Paul, who told us to evangelise and serve the poor with respect and devotion.


There are four elements combined in the process of VMY formation:

  1. A faith development programme, which helps young people to grow in their Faith and develop it by living it daily in their lives.
  2. A balance in their lives between action and prayer;
  3. A programme to come to the help of those in need;
  4. Collaboration with other organizations who help people in need.



All the young people taking part in the Vincentian Marian Youth Movement form a simple group, a community of Faith and Friendship. This enables them to give themselves to service and evangelization, and to be a support to each other in daily living out of the gospel.

The Vincentian Fathers and the Daughters of Charity have always supported this movement. Pope Francis also encourages young people to be leaders in living their Faith.

We invite you to join us today to become a leader in the development of Faith in other young people.


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